Abuljadayel Ready-Mix produces all kinds of Ready concrete mixes including

–              Transit mixed concrete

–              Shrink mixed concrete

–              Central mixed concrete

according to the customer specified requirements and in accordance with the international standards using highest quality raw materials.

Raw Materials


    • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) – ASTM C150 Type 1
    • Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC) – ASTM C150 Type v.

Aggregate and sand:

We use the best rocks extracted by top quality crushers in the kingdom. Excellent quality sand and aggregate meet the international standards (ASTM, BS, etc.).


Clean portable water is used during the mixing process.

Chemical Additives:

    • Retarders and Water Reducers.
    • Super Plasticizers.
    • Water Proofers.
    • Micro Silica.
    • Fly Ash.

@ the Job Site:

While being transported towards the destination, the drum is revolved at a slow or agitating speed of 2 rpm, but after reaching the site just before discharging the material, it is revolved at maximum speed of 12 to 15 rpm for nearly 70 to 100 revolution for ensuring homogeneous mixing.

    1. ii) Concrete mixed in transit

The drum speed is kept medium during the transit time, i.e. approximately 8 rpm for about 70 revolutions. After 70 revolutions, it is slowed down to agitating speed of 2 rpm till discharging the concrete.

iii) Concrete mixed in the yard

The drum is turned at high-speed of 12 to 15 rpm for about 50 revolutions in the yard itself. The concrete is then agitated slowly during transit time.

    1. Shrink mixed concrete:

The concrete is partially mixed in the plant mixer and then balance mixing is done in the truck mounted drum mixer during transit time. The amount of mixing in transit mixer depends upon the extent of mixing done in the central mixing plant. Tests should be conducted to establish the requirement of mixing the drum mixer.

    1. Central mixed concrete:

It is also called central batching plant where the concrete is thoroughly mixed before loading into the truck mixer. Sometimes the plant is also referred as wet-batch or pre-mix plants. While transporting the concrete, the truck mixer acts as agitator only. Sometimes, when workability requirement is low or the lead is less, non-agitating units or dump trucks can also be used.

Regular Mix        Vs.          Self-Compacting Concrete(SCC)